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ROLL CALL - Who still reads this board?

I look at this site about once a week or so. I am almost done with my V8 242 so it fun too see what other people are up to.
This is the second V8 Ive had in this car. The first was a pretty healthy 355" chevy with trick flow heads and alot of other stuff. The trans is a T56 and the rear end is stock with a 4.10 gear set and true torque locker. One of those dash mounted G meters put the horse power at 347 at the wheels. I took it to the track a couple of times but it never did real well due to lousy 60 foot times (so so tires). The best it did was 13.40 @ 104 mph. The 60 foot times were about 2.2 seconds (really bad).
This new engine is a 383 chevy with Dart heads and a couple of T3-4 hybrid turbos. Ive been at this swap for a couple of years now and it ran for the first time a week or so ago. Still have some details to work out.
I really just enjoy the building of the car as much as driving it. Fitting the two turbos in has been a real chalange. I envy people with great big engine compartments.
I any one is intrested I could fill in the details and baybe post a few pictures.


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