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Volvo 240 with Cadillac Brembo calipers?

Well, I tried to log in to "Turbobricks", used previous ID= no luck. Tried to get new password= no luck. Tried to change password- no luck. AAAARRRGHHH! That's why I stopped trying to use "Turbobricks" before. A TOTAL PIA to use that website. Look, I'm old and my computer skills are not very good, I admit, but that site is maddeningly hard to use, worse even than the Triumph motorcycles "RAT" site, which is guaranteed to make you want to pick up the laptop and throw it.
My brother-in-law owns a computer services/research company, says all of his best programmers have some form of autism spectrum disorder; his HR people actually look for people with this. He says that's why so many people have such a hard time dealing with computers; the programmers build the systems to work the way THEY think'
Odd story; When I was about 10 years old, around 1959,(I'm 68 now), a research team from Univ.of Michigan came to my school to test a big group of us. We were the first generation of kids to be brought up watching television; staring at the cathode ray tube. They noticed that our brains were seemingly reacting in different ways. I see that kids brought up in the MTV era react differently, I say it's because of the image/cut/image/cut/image/cut pacing. My step son has Aspergers, an autism spectrum disorder. He thinks and learns in an entirely different way from anyone I have ever seen. Can seem thick as a brick on some things, but a genius with computers.


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New Volvo 240 with Cadillac Brembo calipers?
posted by  nortons  on Wed Aug 23 21:35 CST 2017 >

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