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Should I Buy this V90? Or Run Away? S90-V90 1998

Local Washington, DC dealer (Martens) has a 1998 V90 with 28,229 miles. N.A.D.A. book value with this mileage is $18,875. Dealer is asking $17,980. The car is black with gray leather and a roof rack, no third seat. CARFAX reports this was a "commercial vehicle" registered in the New York City area. The car was sold at auction in the New England Region in Dec '02, described as a "fleet vehicle." Then it ended up at the big East Coast auction in Manheim, PA, where it was purchased by the local dealer. All the other CARFAX data are favorable with regard to accidents, floods, etc.

The car runs and drives beautifully and is nearly flawless cosmetically. Yes, I plan to have the car checked out by my shop, if I decide to go ahead. I cannot believe how smooth and quiet this car is. Of course, I am comparing it to the other 9 Volvos I have owned, so there you go.

I must say I was ready to buy this car until I read the CARFAX report. First, the salesman outright lied to me, saying this car was owned by an individual living in Washington, DC but that this person "rode the Metro a lot," accounting for the low mileage. Please.

Second, should I be concerned that this car was a fleet vehicle and was bought and sold at auction? What kind of company buys a V90, anyway?

Third, this Volvo is not a Volvo "Certified" vehicle because it is more than 5 years old. The dealer's "limited warranty" on this car is ONE MONTH on the powertrain, that's it. I told the salesman that I thought the dealership should be embarrassed to offer this caliber of vehicle for sale with such a pathetic warranty. I guess this means we would have to purchase an aftermarket warranty, and that becomes a negotiation point.

Your opinions are valued and welcome. This is a beautiful car and all, but I don't want to make a mistake, and I am kind of freaked out by what I found out at CARFAX and the salesman's lies and the dealer's unwillingness to stand behind the vehicle. Thanks.


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