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dimmer dipper relay for 960? 900 1992

Anybody know a supplier who might be selling a dimmer relay that would fit a 1992 Volvo 960?

Part information taken from the old relay is:

35 23535 DOT
SAE J 575
Hella 12V
5DF 005 360-01

I have looked around a bit using the various part numbers but haven't come up with anything coherent yet.

ipd--nothing there. I know the car is getting very old.

The relay looks good but it stops sending power to the dim lights after about a half hour of driving. Suddenly you are in darkness. Brights work however.

I got the relay mounting platform moved and ran the car yesterday and sure enough the dims went out after the half hour. I was able to tap the top of the relay and the lights went on. It is jamming somehow. Maybe the electromagnets lose some power over the years.

I had the relay out and it looks good--no obvious signs of electrical damage. I took the 'cap' off and everything looks kosher.



New dimmer dipper relay for 960? [900][1992]
posted by  muskox37  on Sat Sep 28 11:23 CST 2019 >

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