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V90 Auto Transmission S90-V90 1997

My 1997 V90 started occasionally missing downshifts under uphill acceleration on a very hot day.

I wondered if the trans fluid was low or overheated, so I had a tech check. The report was "full, dirty but not filthy." The tech also adjusted the throttle cable.

I was told that flushing and refilling the trans was "a crap shoot" in that it could make things better but equally could make things a lot worse. Any thoughts on the general advisability of flushing a V90 auto trans?

Although the dealer says that flushing/refilling the trans is not a regular scheduled maintenance item, this one had the fluid changed at about 123,000. It's now at approximately 155,000 miles.

I'm going to check this out over the next week or so to see if the issue remains, goes away, or gets worse. Is there anything special I should watch out for?


New V90 Auto Transmission [S90-V90][1997]
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