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Brake fluid substitute

So there we were, exploring the north rim of the Grand canyon with our new to us 89 245. The body, interior, motor and transmission are in great shape, however the suspension is quite all original.

While I had rebuilt all the moving parts on the front end, gotten the IPD aluminum skid plate and gotten a decent alignment, I knew I had to replace the brake lines, but hadn't gotten around to it before we left. Mostly because we didn't have any decent DOT4 brake fluid (and my last can of super blue is saved for my other car).
I packed a few hand tools, and replacement lines with the intent that if a line failed, we could swap it out. But, the wife, being the ever thinking wife she is asked, "honey, what would we do for brake fluid?"

Now, first, I did not want to bring any brake fluid, even low quality stuff; I was too afraid that in our off-roading (and we did take a few trails that were high clearance 4x4 vehicles only)we would manage to damage the container and it would leak ruining the paint where ever it was we hid it. Therefore, my working theory was that if we got into a pickle and needed to just get home I could add some water to the master cylinder to act as brake fluid. Then, at home, I could swap out all the lines, flush the system...

What do you all think? Could water get you home?


New Brake fluid substitute
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