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Cannot Undo Hose from AC Compressor to Drier S90-V90 1998


I cannot for the life of me get this connection undone! It’s the connection from the rubber hose coming from the compressor to the drier can. I replaced the orifice tube thing and I thought I’d do the drier. Well, dang it. It won’t budge!

Do y’all have any tips to get that connection undone? Would the drier need to be replaced? How would I know if that’s bad? Seems fine I guess.

If y’all must know: I noticed the system wasn’t taking on any more 134, but the amount was still low. Compressor cycles on and off for five seconds each. The tube with the orifice valve is ice cold when the system is on. The hose which I cannot loosen is ambient temp.

Any thoughts on that?


New Cannot Undo Hose from AC Compressor to Drier [S90-V90][1998]
posted by  HerrGruyere  on Sat Jun 29 06:12 CST 2019 >

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