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Yes sir, that does seem odd that you have lost two of those so close together.
Guess when it comes to electrical items we have become complacent in expecting “out of the box” plug and play performance and reliability.
It’s just like CB said, on expensive wires you expect better quality and zero defects!

As far as failure of the CPS being caused by the other end, that would be a question, more in the territory of Asking Art Bernstein about a possibly.

In my limited knowledge, on how it works, I would want to blame the connection point first, as it is common to both of the CPS units.
It’s my understanding that the thing operates on a very low voltage and current flow into the sensor and the ICU is reading that constant output signal.
When the solid part of the flywheel s metal comes by, it causes a deflection blip or change of which is interpreted as pulse. It either dips Or spikes, got me?

If it happens again, I would go after the connection clips or pins inside half of the housing.

I remember asking about what year and that the car sat for a long time that is never a good thing!

How it affected the CPS is a wonderment all by itself.
But if I’m thinking correctly that sensor or connector may have been the problem that started the long “I’m parking this darn thing” or a wife says, “I’m not driving it anymore as it’s unreliable!.”
Either one is like a separation from the family or a divorce for the cars future!

Did you try to get an exchange for another one in their 90 days? There is almost a no warranty policies for such items.
They don’t like giving refunds on the idea that you are using them as a parts bin to R & R, but on an exchange they should meet you halfway.
In either case keep a spare wrapped around a spare system relay and an AMM too!



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