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Hard start after sitting 200

Just when I thought the bugs were worked out, I am getting hard starts particularly first thing in the morning, but it has gotten progressively worse in the past couple of weeks. So heres what happened and what I have checked so far.
A couple of weeks ago the car died twice while moving but with almost no throttle, once at 20 in a school zone, the other in a parking lot idling in gear. Never had a problem like that since. However at about the same time it started to take longer than usual to start, then I had a couple of times where it took several attempts to start it. Sometimes it starts if you give it a little gas or let the ignition switch sit in the on position for a bit.
Those symptoms made me thing fuel pump or check valve, so I went out to check but noticed that the gauge has to be spliced into the main fuel line as no Schrader valve is provided to hook up to. So I aborted that mission for now until I can rig up the splice and not have to cut the schrader connection off of my gauge. Then I decided to check the easy obvious things, the air inlet piping and associated vacuum lines. The only thing I found there is the big vacuum line on the throttle body was cracked at both ends, I replaced that with new hose. The air intake piping seems ok no cracks. I sprayed throttle body cleaner in throttle body and the vacuum connections, but it did not look bad before I did anything. I pulled the distributor cap and the cap has some corrosion on the terminals but nothing too bad. The rotor seemed fine. Wires looked ok. I pulled the wires off the coil and cleaned them.
So I guess next steps are:
See how it starts tomorrow
Listen for the in tank pump running
Check fuses 4 and 6
Test fuel pressures after making up the splice.

Thoughts? Any common issues I need to check?


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