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Oil Continues to Leak (and Other Symptoms) After PCV Replacement S90-V90 1998

Hi again!

I replaced the PCV and all associated hoses under the intake manifold. However, smoke continues to come out of the oil cap (when opened) and oil dipstick when the engine is warm. It’s also still leaking oil. What gives? What else could it be at this point? And wouldn’t replacing the PCV system stop the smoke from the oil cap?

I did notice that there is oil dripping from an area right above the exhaust manifold toward the front of the engine. There’s a pipe coming out right there behind the timing belt cover - kind of tucked just below the valve cover area right in front of the first pipe of the exhaust manifold. Is there a gasket for that?

The only other thing I can think of is a front cam seal. The drips come from the front of the engine.

Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!


New Oil Continues to Leak (and Other Symptoms) After PCV Replacement [S90-V90][1998]
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