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A/C Cycles but Won’t Take More Refrigerant [V90] S90-V90 1998


I’ve been trying to get my A/C to work. I tried doing the breadclip/zip tie clutch fix, but the compressor still cycles. However, after the fix the click of engagement is much quieter. Anyway, the car doesn’t seem to want to take any more refrigerant. When the compressor is engaged, the pressure gauge reads 18-20 before it cycles back off. Occasionally, it will stay engaged and the pressure will climb to maybe 23. Then it cycles off and resumes cycling. The metal line coming from the bottom of the big can is cold with condensation on it. The dark, rubber hose coming from the top of the big can is ambient temperature.

Is there a blockage somewhere? Could I find the evaporator and give it a good thwack to knock stuff loose? Is there something I could add to get the clog out? Is it something else altogether?

Many thanks!


New A/C Cycles but Won’t Take More Refrigerant &#091V90&#093 [S90-V90][1998]
posted by  HerrGruyere  on Sat May 11 11:10 CST 2019 >

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