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adjusting SUs questions 120-130 1967

Hi Dave: "If the rpm should drop to near stalling -- set the other carb a flat or two richer. If, instead, the rpm should rise -- set the other carb a flat or two leaner. Then go to the second carb and do the pin lift as you did with the first carb--"

This adjusting the opposite mixture method only applies to the B20B manifold with the additional throttles that ensure that idle and part throttle mixture gets diverted through the central hot spot causing all cylinders to get identical hot mixture. It's great for emissions and might even help with cruise MPG. However, the throttle shafts wear out way to fast and the fix would be to delete the throttles and braze the holes shut. (Or go buy a 100hp DGAF conversion from some thieves)


New adjusting SUs questions [120-130][1967]
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