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need insight into rear caliper replacement - tool clearance 200 1988

Doing my preliminary work on what I need to replace my rear wheel brake calipers.
They are ATE though I do not see that that matters.

I am not finding clearance to the bolts/fittings.

1) Rear Caliper Mounting 17mm Bolts:
- There is no clearance between the suspension spring and the bolt for a standard socket AND ratchet. It appears there is little space from the end of the ratchet head to the top of the bolt so grinding off a socket does not look to help me (?) Is this a 'special shallow' socket job?
- I think I can, with some jacking of the body, get to the caliper mounting bolts through the suspension spring using an extension. Not fond of the idea of putting a lot of torque on the bolts and not have good control of the axis of rotation.
- My 17mm socket feels much tighter than my 17mm box wrench. Should I be looking for a new box wrench? How would I torque the bolts when putting them on?

2) Brake Line Fitting:
- The brake line fitting on the caliper, in relation to the suspension spring, is such that there is no angle that my 11mm brake line wrench will slip over the hex. If it did there is next to no room to rotate it.
- I do need to have the caliper attached to loosen that fitting don't I?

Am I really supposed to remove the suspension?
Any other tips and/or warnings?
1988 244 DL; B230F; LH-2.2; Manual 5-speed (M47)


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