RWD - remanufactured rear caliper pistons not to spec - is there a hack?

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remanufactured rear caliper pistons not to spec - is there a hack? 200 1988


I get your point on wanting the properly remanufactured caliper.

- Called NuGeon and the tech there was unaware of the piston orientation.
-- NuGeon also reported the one I had in my hand was the only one showing in inventory ... on the continent.

- Since parts suppliers are not covering shipping and there was no hope a second caliper would be better than the first it was a waste of money to send it back.
-- In fact I was surprised FedEx beat out USPS on shipping the core back by almost 50%. But then USPS can not be depended on to get mail to my address.

- I did check with the local dealership and auto parts stores to see about availability of tools. The parts counter at the dealership was not at all hopeful the tool existed. The brake tool set at the auto parts store did not have the specialty tool.

In the end I just put it in with fingers crossed.
1988 244 DL; B230F; LH-2.2; Manual 5-speed (M47)


New need insight into rear caliper replacement - tool clearance [200][1988]
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