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89 240 Wrong alternator? 200 1989

Hello Fellow Brickers!

My battery died, replaced it, ran for a while, died again. Both times no nothing when turning key to ignition position 1.

Figured ALternator.

Bought a new one, think I got the wrong one. COnfigurations on back where wires from car come in are different and not really compatible....

THe old one is 3 wires with O-ring connectors and a voltage regulator already on the alternator, no wires coming off it.

New alternator only has two post for wires and a weird slot where a small metal tab sits and a female type connector would slide into the slot and over the metal tab inside.

I don't plan on cutting and splicing a new connector on the old wires coming off car. Think I just need to order the right one that is wholly compatible.

I've seen both configurations online, but I think I should stay with the existing, right?


New 1 89 240 Wrong alternator? [200][1989]
posted by  stallison  on Sat Mar 30 16:59 CST 2019 >

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