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89 240 Wrong alternator? 200 1989

Hi Stallison,

Sorry to keep you awaitin' a reply to your post.

"Bought a new one, think I got the wrong one. COnfigurations on back where wires from car come in are different and not really compatible...."

It helps you lettuce know what brand and model alternator you bought new, model or part number, and from where?

Bosch indicates their model alternator to fit your mighty 1989 Volvo 240 is Bosch model AL157X. The Alternator is 80-AMP. Volvo PN 5003804, yet 397$ from Tasca Parts in NH-state.

FCP Euro in Groton, CT provides the info here. You would return your old alternator for the 75$ cour charge. The housing has changed to appear more Denso brand alternator in appearance.


Rebuilt by BOSCH. Don't get that made in chinesium rebuilt stuff. Other here have reported problems and poor rebuild quality.

Your other option is to enlist a electrical auto repair shop that would rebuild your alt as is. Be certain of price for what you get and that the shop is honest.

After side connection view:

I guess includes the pulley also? Call them and ask.

The Tasca Entry:

If factory original, the accessory bushings that comprise the alternator to mount plate hinge assembly bushing may be well worn by now, so the alternator-water pump-harmonic oscillation damper crank pulley.

Meyle bush backside.

FCP Euro sells three solid rubber bushing:


Genuine Volvo:


iPd in Portland OR offers a urethane accessory bushing:

Two bushings for the alternator. And one or two each for the A/C compressor and the power steering pump.

It helps to inspect the wiring harness from termination at the alternator to under the engine behind the crank pulley and up along the intermediate cam hump to the starter solenoid and motor. If you 240 does not have a belly pan, or is leaking oil out the front, the wire harness sheathing and insulation can suffer, deteriorate, and short in spectacular ways. The full battery + power and energy routes un-fused (without fuse protection between the battery and the starter motor and alternator) from the B+ post to the starter solenoid and motor and to the alternator.

"New alternator only has two post for wires and a weird slot where a small metal tab sits and a female type connector would slide into the slot and over the metal tab inside."

Metal tab in the weird slot is the D+ exciter wire connector. The wire harness terminates with a 14 or gauge wire with a spade terminal.

Large post is the B+ heavy gauge wire in red insulation that terminates as a heavy ring term.

Use one post secured to the alt metal housing to secure the ground wire with ring terms at each end between the alt and the engine block.

There should be a hex nut nearby by at the motor mount plate or something. Many here would recommend rebuilding this ground connection with one or gauges larger wire with 100°C insulation, in a similar blue, with heavy ring terminals.

Get wiring diagram! Click Files 240. See here and nav your way to the wiring diagrams here:

The Mitchell Volvo 240 1989.pdf diagram helps you.

Get your digital electric multimeter out and test the thing. 14.5 volts cold at idle or so. Around 13.8 volts when warmed up.

The Volvo 700-900 Series FAQ Entry on the Topic:


Hope that helps.

Buttermilk and Sourdough Bread Boyeeeeeeee

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