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Other thoughts redux 900 1992

Hi Vince,

Three thoughts come to me:

(1) "Fuel Injectors Professionally Cleaned by RC Injection 9/2017 " Blame my reading comprehension. I missed this.

(2) You're right, a drippy injector doesn't drop highway mileage that much, just makes for long cranks sometimes.

(3) I am much closer than is the Bay Bridge, but not in business. Also, I have very little exposure to 7/9 cars and Rex/Regina.

Certainly in theory an ECU could be at fault, and running a nearly thirty-year-old car of any kind would demand I had a spare of anything so unknowable as a fuel computer to swap, however blameless its reputation might be.

Were the car mine, I might want to monitor that Titania oxygen sensor voltage to get a clue on how well its fuel/air mixture is being controlled. Of course, an oxygen sensor fault in itself can't cause a hard start. Now that I've said that, I need to re-read the thread to learn if you already have done that.
Art Benstein near Baltimore

When chemists die, they barium.


New 1 Slow Cold Start, 1992 Volvo 940 Rex Regina, Normally Aspirated [900][1992]
posted by  VKR  on Sat Nov 18 16:18 CST 2017 >

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