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Slow Cold Start, 1992 Volvo 940 Rex Regina, Normally Aspirated 900 1992

Art, in regard to the ECT sensor replacement, once I experienced the ECT sensor codes I thought I had the “silver bullet” to resolve this situation and I simply replaced the sensor. I have the old sensor and took a few resistance readings on it in just the ambient air temperature (70 degree F) state. The resistance at this temperature is supposed to be 2300 ohms and I was reading approximately 1600 ohms on the ECT sensor I pulled out of the car. I’m not sure this explains the codes I threw, but regardless the sensor was replaced.

In regard to the Bosch vs Rex situation, it was most likely fueled by Volvo’s desire to keep their suppliers “honest” from a purchase price standpoint and possibly the desire to not have the supply chain interrupted by an issue with one of the suppliers. Volvo could play one supplier against the other for price and volume.

I’m experiencing nice fuel pressure on the rail and it doesn’t seem to drop off, so I don’t believe I have fuel delivery issue, but I could be wrong.

I have to dig into the current voltages at the ECU.


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