RWD - in-tank pump/sender assembly - bung nut tool - borrow - near 22207

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in-tank pump/sender assembly - bung nut tool - borrow - near 22207 200 1988

The bunk nut is not going back on the same way it came off - by hammering into the slots.

The new gasket is obviously thicker. I have lubricated all sliding surfaces of the lock ring and hold downs. I also rigged a squeeze clamp to spread, and using a block, to push down on top of the sender top plate. The bunk nut just bounces off the hold down hooks.

I'm about to take it all apart again and install the original sender seal.

Yes I have the indent on the sender aligned with the tab on the tank.
It looks like ordering bung nut tool will take 2 weeks.

Does anyone in the vicinity of 22207 have a tool to lend?
Does anyone have a way to hack this tool?
- I am looking for a gear puller like Art used. The one I have is too thick to fit in the grooves. ... Maybe I can grind out a wider slot?



New in-tank pump/sender assembly - bung nut tool - borrow - near 22207 [200][1988]
posted by  tbb2  on Wed Mar 6 13:14 CST 2019 >

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