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Help! At My Wits' End!! 900 1994

Hi BrickBoarders.
I keep having a stalling issue with the stalwart and recently rebuilt B230FT at idle, either while in Park or Drive. Car acts as though someone just turned off the ignition key. No warning or stumbling whatsoever prior to the stalling event. No OBD I codes stored.
Then my 945T will not restart. I have a VERY strong charging and starting system, and the engine turns over with aplomb, but will not restart.
If I wait a couple of minutes, easy restart and no further problems.
I have switched out the Power Stage (Ignition Module) with 2 new and 1 known good ignition modules, and a new crank sensor. Both of these items have not stopped the random stalling.
FAQ's point to both these items as potential trouble sources, and their replacement has not cured the issue.
Stalled out last night in freeway stopped traffic, then restarted with no further issues 3 minutes later.
The fuel system primes and the no-start issue does not (In my opinion) seem to be fuel related.

What in the world can I check next???
-Heat Sink Tubes?
-Air Mass?
-Distributor Cap/Wires?

Looking for a solid diagnostic procedure to pin this problem down.
An early "Thank You!" to all who respond with sage technical prowess.


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