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Timing Belt looks bad, is the motor cooked? S90-V90 1997

Yesterday I noticed that my power steering went dead and my alternator light came on. I pulled into a gas station and found my serpentine belt was off. I started the motor and got what I would describe is a rattling sound, than it quit. It was pouring so I called AAA and got a tow home. Today it wouldn't start, so I pulled the timing belt cover. The timing belt is quite slack, but does not appear broken. The cams do not appear to turn (I'm on my own, so I can't watch. I crank from in the car and then look at the position of the cams). This is the 6 cylinder but I assume it is "interference". Any quick way tell if the valves are bent? The "rattling sound" worries me.

PS The crank pulley seems to have pulled out and exposed a good deal of spline. I had never really looked at that before.


New Timing Belt looks bad, is the motor cooked? [S90-V90][1997]
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