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High Performance/Race engine in 66 P1800S 1800


I have a performance/race engine I am trying to get running. About 10 years ago I had it sort of running. I could take it for a mile run here and there, but it was very rough. It sat for the last 10 years but I am now back to working on it. This was a blue printed engine but I never received the blue print. Here are the basics as I know them:

11.5/1 compression ratio
308 duration custom cam from Sweden with 106 lobe center
All new components
Port and polished
Valve job with Isky dual valve springs
Custom exhaust header
DCOE 45's
Must run on premium with octane booster or race fuel.

I just purchased an electric fuel pump. I also just purchased the 123 programmable distributor and a Bosch red coil.

Within the next couple days I will install the fuel pump, distributor and coil.

Since this is not an ordinary engine, I hope I will be able to get assistance from those that have had experience with a motor similar to this.


New High Performance/Race engine in 66 P1800S [1800]
posted by  jeffreybandel  on Wed Oct 24 08:48 CST 2018 >

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