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Seems Torque Converter going out. S90-V90 1998

Hello to everyone . I posted it last week as update for topic about choosing ATF - but now think it more proper to do as a new post. So... about 6 mo. ago car began make some " zooming " metal noise somewhere under tranny/engine border area ( similar to dry bearing ), at first noise periodically come and go, always on cold start... then level began to be more loudly - and after car reaches working temp it will almost gone. Tranny was worked during those challenges as like nothing is going on at all - there no any leak, no codes, ATF level is good, color is acceptable w/out burnt odor... One day, back in July, when day temp got over 100 i was driving at 50 and suddenly got CEL and blinking transmission light all over as Christmass tree... car still driving normally and gear changed as usual, coolant temp show normal temp level... I immediately slowed down and next day decided to change ATF . Checked what CEL code i have - " Generic " P0740 : Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit - So, i changed ATF with Supertech DextronIII/Mercon and take a drive for a week. Old ATF come clear,a little dark - no deposits at all . I have been read somewhere that quality and level for this particular AISIN transmission critical and can make weird noise. Noise from undercarriage almost disappeared for that week with a fresh fluid ... then slowly come back - car still driving as should and no more any CEL or transmission code. Then i decided to do ATF change one more time " just in case " - this time i put Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage. Again, noise gone for week - then back again .... AND THEN IT HAPPENED: Last Friday morning on the way home from work i stopped at the stop sign - when green lite come, released brake and pressed accelerator pedal slightly as usual ... Car began movement very slowly with some jerking and shaking - and, of course, immediately i got CEL and all transmission lights began blinking ... What a nightmare i have those morning - supposedly 20 min drive take almost an hour... Got home, tired and so-o depressed after graveyard shift and plus car still in a trouble ... - went to sleep ... Next day i checked for CEL code - sure, again P0740... Now i have to make decision : go for Volvo original torque converter (cheapest Volvo Genuine TC (9143121) price from 1200.00... ) or for some aftermarket one...research show a couple of them. Car recently turned over 182000 on clock,passed emission back in march , as all older engines - when started cold produces some " sounds " that will gone after warmed up... If anyone ever have experience with aftermarket Torque Converters, would you, please, share your story. Must make some decision asap- everything in everyday life depend on only transportation i have. Especially job. Thanks.


New Seems Torque Converter going out. [S90-V90][1998]
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