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240 Hood latch problems 200 1989

So the story goes:

1) Hood was operating ok until the passenger's side hood hinge locked up and bent all crazy
2) Replaced hood hinge: hood closed ok BUT
3) Upon first time trying to open hood with new hinge:
-pull cable inside drivers side still worked
-hood popped up from final closed position
-BUT even with pulling hood lever up, hood latch pin would not dislodge from locking mechanism

4) Removed gril and aerofoil underneath
5) Popped latch pin from underneath with long screwdriver wedging it into bottom of latch pin and twisting it out of locking mechanism

6) Replaced hood pull cable (read on here that this is usually the problem)
7) Messed with alignment of female latching part and latching pin part to get them to line up better
-upon inspection, the latch pin is aligned or angled to the passengers side and when it comes down into the female body part I can see its listing to the passenger's side. Not going straight down into the hole
-can't really get the hood placed that well, new hinges have created a mis-alignment where the hood needs to go to the driver's side more but is not that possible. Maybe this is part of the problem, too?

All I can think of doing now is replacing the latch pin assembly of the hood and maybe the female body part also. They are a bit rusted, but I know I replaced the female anchor part a few years ago.
At this point, I am not sure what the true problem is.


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New 240 Hood latch problems [200][1989]
posted by  stallison  on Thu Apr 12 15:38 CST 2018 >

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