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Oil Temp Slow to Rise 1800 1973

If I start the engine and hold it at a fast idle, like 1500-2000 RPM, the coolant temp gauge starts to rise within a couple minutes. But even if I run the engine for 5-10 minutes, I see no rise on the oil temp gauge. I fully expected the oil temp to rise slower than the coolant, but I didn't see it rise at all in that 5-10 minutes. Am I not giving it enough time to heat the oil? Is it even possible to see much of an oil temp rise when it's just running in the garage and not being driven under load?

I have both brand new coolant and oil temp sensors installed (thank you Eric) and I've double checked the part numbers to make sure I didn't get them swapped. I checked the oil temp sensor resistance and it's around 2500 ohms cold. I haven't measured it hot yet. (Nor do I have a laser thermometer by which to check the oil pan temp.) Also, I verified continuity in the wiring. With the ignition ON, I can tap ground the end of the wire and the gauge rises smartly.

Is this a case where I will just have to get the car out on the road before I can see the oil temp rise?
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New Oil Temp Slow to Rise [1800][1973]
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