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looking to buy a parts car S90-V90 1998

1998 V90, 155K miles, mostly unknown history. Body and interior in a somewhat rough shape, but it drives fine, transmission shifts smoothly, exhaust looks normal (no smoke). Coolant is dirty, but no oily stuff or anything indicating head gasket problems. The dipstick tube is smoking however (PCV problem, apparently), smell gets into cabin, so its rather noticeable. I'm going to check the condition of the PCV inasmuch as I can. New(ish) alternator, radiator and engine mounts. The timing belt is way overdue (last record of change at 70K in 2004). Check engine codes P0130 and P135 indicating problems with oxygen sensor circuits (oxygen sensors appear original). The car was likely used for short trips, so not many miles (60K in the last 12 years...) and has probably been neglected so some extent. I'm looking for a parts car to source the tranny (as far as I can tell, transmission fluid looks good and the thing shifts good as new) but the engine also strikes me as running more smoothly than the one I have (240K on mine, plagued with coolant leaks I can't fix without getting the head off, and transmission not working). The asking price is less than half of what I was quoted for the transmission repair on my car. I'm thinking it's worth taking the risk for that alone (still a lot of work to restore my ailing car but I don't mind the work). Anything else I could check to figure out whether the engine is worth working on? Will try to get underneath and check for leaks, but all looked OK on a cursory view.
'98 965


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New looking to buy a parts car [S90-V90][1998]
posted by  vp965  on Wed Oct 4 17:10 CST 2017 >

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