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940 struts etc - need advice 900

Thanks to the brickboard I have fumbled my way thru some productive upgrades this summer including rear shocks (very dirty, had to cut out bolts), motor mounts and ac solder repair. My Midwest 940 has seen a lot of salt and I have encountered some roadblocks on the strut replacement, despite reading FAQs etc.

On the struts, I had some troubled getting out abs sensor and ended up prying out abs wire and electrical connector but abs sensor stayed firm in brake hub. I figure I have to replace abs. How do I get sensor out? Any recommendations on abs part source? I see some less expensive aftermarket abs parts. Worth trying?

Also, trouble removing brake hose from brake assembly. I have loosened hose nut to the point of hose wrapping around itself multiple times due to tension but still not free. Concerned about breaking hose. Any advise? How about putting it back in?

Thanks a lot!


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New 940 struts etc - need advice [900]
posted by  wally660  on Tue Aug 1 08:22 CST 2017 >

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