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Play in PV544 front suspension? Checking components? 444-544

Trying to get the front suspension on my PV back in shape.
I'm replacing the shocks and springs and replacing the leaking seal on my steering box. While I was at it, I was trying to track down a clunk that I had suspected was coming from the idler arm. The idler arm shouldn't have any play at all, right? Right now I can wiggle the arm at the end about 1/8" and there is an audible clunk. I'm assuming that needs the rebuild kit with new bushings.

There is also play where the steering knuckle clamps on to the upper outer control arm around the eccentric bushing, and on the outer lower control arm. Should these be tight? I think the play is within the eccentric bushing. Adjustable or needs to be replaced?

Finally, how do I check the ball joints on the steering rods and tie rod ends. They all feel tight with no play. They feel stiffer when I first start moving them, like they just need a little lubrication. (car has sat for an extended period.)



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New Play in PV544 front suspension? Checking components? [444-544]
posted by  sdj544  on Sat Nov 26 21:47 CST 2016 >

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