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Never thought I'd be posting about stiff ignition switches 120-130

Believe you me, I've broken a key or 8 in my day in 122 ignition switches. They get old, they get worn. It gets cold outside (the most common problem)

Normally, I get a cheapo aftermarket switch, or install a push button guy. Two options that always work fine.

However, I'm in a situation where I want to keep originality. Schedules and weather worked out at last moment that I'm going to try to resurrect the 123GT that I got this past spring.

Hey, all it needs is an engine and transmission. Cake and candy, right?

Honestly, the ignition switch is no biggie. I can hot-wire it with a spare coil easily enough, but it'd be cool to start it with the key.

Switch is super stiff. Not stiff from being worn out.. car only has 100k original miles. It's not cold out. The switch is stiff from sitting unused for some 35 years (car was parked in about 1979, outside)

Some manner of solvent. I don't want to go with WD40, though I would. I don't think a dry lube (such as graphite powder) would work.

Any recommendations that are easy to find that leave no residue? I'm really thinking that something I can get in there pressurized would be best. Else I'd just go with light machine oil..

Heck. I don't know. First car I've had that I actually want to preserve the originality of...

-Matt I ♥ my ♂


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New Never thought I'd be posting about stiff ignition switches [120-130]
posted by  matt b  on Tue Nov 4 21:28 CST 2014 >

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