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anyone looking for a project?100 plus soon to be scrapped

I stopped at a volvo yard today about 70 miles west of Indianapolis,where I have stopped a few times over the past 20 years.Today I was looking for misc.parts for a 73-145,I found what I was looking for,Then I got the bad news.The owner tells me he accepted an offer to sell the property,he now has 60 days before the closing of the deal and then 60 more days to dispose of a huge collection of Swedish steel.
Here is a short list of what I saw there today,
several 544,p1800,142,144,145,160,260,242,244,245,several turbo cars,most of the cars are fairly complete I saw a beautiful early p-1800,I did not see any 122s but I also did not walk the yard for it was raining today.He has just over 100 volvos mostly old,In addition he has a large warehouse packed full of new and used parts.the man is 69 yrs old and ready to retire,he says that most of it will probably go to the scrap yard,in the meantime he has parts and cars for sale.
I will call the guy and see if he wants his phone # given out and post it if its brick board appropriate.


New anyone looking for a project?100 plus soon to be scrapped
posted by  someone claiming to be stripping90  on Wed Nov 25 16:10 CST 2009 >

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