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A caution from Click and Clack

Last Saturday on Car Talk (Cah Tok for those of you not from New England)
Click and Clack, AKA Tom and Ray Magliozzi, some of my heroes, read a thank you
note from a listener who said his business had been greatly improved by a
suggestion they had made a few weeks earlier. They told the guy to take the
shop manual for his car into the bathroom, sit down and read it from cover to
Turns out that the thank you note was from a proctologist who had seen a very
sudden increase in cases of hemorrhoids......

Suggest you do the manual reading in a comfortable chair with good lighting
and perhaps appropriate corrective glasses, snacks and a caffeinated drink.
NOT in the bathroom!

Sign me
Been there, done that.
George Downs, Bartlesville, Heart of the USA!


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