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Complexity of a 940 900 1995

When considering disposable vehicles, Honda is the best at what they do, which is to build excellent cars with near impeccable reliability. They are, however, still disposable vehicles when compared to the unbelievable durability of Volvo.

While Volvos will require some maintenance that Hondas may not, in my experience you'll still save money because of the huge percentage of that maintenance you'll be able to do yourself, and possibly even enjoy.

As with any purchase, have it checked by a qualified mechanic to rule out any surprises, but I've never regretted my conversion to Volvo.

Best of luck in your choice.

Guid (Volvo convert; Previous owner of 4 Hondas.)


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posted by  someone claiming to be Juan P.  on Thu Jan 24 12:03 CST 2002 >

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