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Alloys and tires for1991 240 Wagon 200 1991

hi bob,

welcome back.(?)
looks like you're familiar with fixing a sitting car. sages are here to help, and search thoroughly here so you won't overlook something that will leave you stranded on the road.

i still use castrol 10-30w in my 3 volvos--they do fine without the synth stuff.

i bought volvo alloys for all 3 of my volvos. i didn't want to mess with spacers or other stuff and just kept with the bolt pattern as mentioned earlier.

one of the best points is to learn what are the typical issues the 240s have. for example, on youtube, i came across an ipd volvo (based out of washington state, source for parts) that gives 10 big issues with the 240s. i can't recall, but one could be about the fan blower, buried in the console.

learn what parts or assemblies are no longer available, and fast. for example, the central locking switch on the driver's side has biodegradable wiring, which over time may render your locking system from operating. discontinued item, hard to find in good condition and shot up in pricing. luckily, got a couple for about $25 each, bargain these days. i wanted to rebuild one, but haven't started, yet. will do when i have to.

since you're not a novice 240 owner, looks like it's just catch up.

look forward to reading about your progress. good buy and hope there's little or no rust.

byron golden
86 245
92 245
94 940


New Alloys and tires for1991 240 Wagon [200][1991]
posted by  someone claiming to be Saabaholic  on Mon Apr 29 17:14 CST 2019 >

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