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Kind words

Brickboard, like Turbobricks, knows no oblivion.

Why I cajole, persuade, and exhort them facebook RWD Volvo people to arrive here, have a look, perform a search in the RWD and FAQ, and also post for the current understanding of a RWD (and sometimes AWD/FWD) affliction.

Mr. Benstein: Your name rings familiar with those facebook users and their contemporaneous Volvo topic or issue. I post links to your cleanflametrap unendingly.

I also make mention of the many brickboard (and Turbobricks) forum members including the mighty and powerful Art Benstein. (Who appears not to facebook!)

Art, you are correct that posts on these facebook forums do end up as social media oblivion.

Numerous posts on this sound and that, with mobile phone video, or not able to pass emissions in CA-state and elsewhere, or "what's that smell?", and on and on disappear. To reappear from another facebook not so new Volvo owner. Try to find the earlier post, and it is not findable. Very nihilistic.

That is where I use up my nearly daily "helps you fix your 240" such with heavy exhortation they show up here and join (maybe donate).

Though for selfish reason I practice some manner of compulsive writing practice to preserve my QWERTY affinity for the next writer task on the facebook. Not as much here anymore.

Art, thank you and our colleagues here for your unending and on-point guidance. A tremendous learning experience to read your posts and better explain system theory and application and then sometimes procedural steps as I would as a working technical writer.

Hope that helps.

Thank you,

Buttermilk Boy

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