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Adding radio to 12v 544 444-544 1962

A different suggestion -

I have the following setup on my 67 (12 volt) Duett...

I have an original for the year Bendix Volvo branded am radio in the radio recess in the dashboard. Not functional but looks great.

Soon to be installed:

I purchased a marine bluetooth driver / 6 inch 2 way speaker combo set up that I pair to my phone. There's nothing (literally nothing) that I can't access through that set up. The driver will be hidden and the speakers mounted inside panels ahead of the doors. The driver is actually 4 channel but I plan on only 2 speakers.

I have the same setup mounted in the ceiling of my basement workshop and another one in the ceiling of an attic office. They sound phenomenal.

As for satellite radio, I've never been a fan. Essentially everything is available either via Apple Music or the TuneIn app. You can do podcasts as well.

Another advantage - cost. I already have my phone and Apple Music subscription ($14.95 per month for the whole family; that's like 4 cars worth of radio). The Blue tooth driver and speaker combo barely set me back $100.

KaiS '67 Duett


New radio [444-544][1962]
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