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Yet Another Cowl Vent Cover Thread - My 'Solution' 200

Hi Art,

I too am surprised by how basically decent the result ends up looking. That's the main reason I posted about it. I think it should work pretty well too.

For the record, I have never had any magnet come off a Sonicare brush head on its own. It has always taken considerable force with a nice, cam-locking pliers to get them loose. The brushes themselves seem to get splayed out a bit faster than I'd like. But that happens to all of them. I have also never had an issue with the outfit. I have had good service with several free replacements when a battery refused to charge. They also have a good recycle return program to keep the dead batteries out of the landfill.

Thanks for the heads-up on the magnets and potential rust. I will keep an eye peeled. I have a buddy who bought some other small, high quality magnets that seem like very shiny, silver metal. Perhaps those would work better. Next time I see him I will snatch some from his collection to try.



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