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Yet Another Cowl Vent Cover Thread 200

Hello all. After once again cleaning out the cowl vents with shop vac and screwdriver, I went looking once again for a "fix" for this. I stumbled onto some third-party snow caps for 240s at (https://www dot wagonmeister dot com/snow-cap-for-75-85-240). They have them for later model 240s as well. They are certainly not inexpensive at $125 + shipping. So I am wondering:

(a) anyone have any experience with these specific parts?

(b) are these snow caps a really good fix for the problem? I have read about making covers from magnetic sheet material (https://www dot doitbest dot com/products/460613) but those have to be put on/off if you want fresh air, I think. That would not seem to be the case with these snow caps.

(c) has anyone come up with a better fix than the snow caps or magnetic sheets that look decent? in this day of 3-d printers someone might have done so.

Thanks for your help in keeping the debris out.


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