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Yesterday evening, about 11:30pm coming home from a family holiday gathering, my wife's '82 242 hit the 300,000 mile mark eight miles from home in the mountains of Colorado. Mark Knopfler's 'The Trowlerman's Song' on the CD player. Good stuff. The car is all original.. paint, mechanicals, no rust, never wrecked. Great car...

The ethical question now... It's always been my belief that personality related items that come with a car should stay with the car... bumper stickers, Dead stickers... and... high mileage badges.

So, I've got a '68 145 that is a parts car. No title, rusted to the hilt, incomplete and basically just trashed. It does run though, and move under its own power. Attached to the rear hatch of said 145 is it's earned old style 300k mile badge. Would it be appropriate in this situation to transfer that badge to my wifes car? Bad karma? Or could I justify it as a sort of passing of the torch.... 'Here's to you kid.. you earned it' type arrangement...?

-Matt I ♥ my ♂


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