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Best Hamburger / Cheeseburger?

The question of memorable or favorite hamburgers doesn’t conjure any one burger or burger joint into my mind. Perhaps I’m not an aficionado. Perhaps I need to travel more. For sure I do enjoy a good hot cheeseburger. I prefer melty American cheese, sesame seed bun and an extra hot and greasy patty.

Recently some local establishments have added an “Impossible Burger” to their menus. Meat without Feet! I have no idea what’s in it other than "Not Meat". I was pleasantly surprised after sinking my teeth into one; it was good! The taste and texture was right on. It even looked like a like a fine medium cooked hamburger (the beer and low light in the bar might have helped). It felt good to enjoy such a meal without wondering what pain and suffering the poor cow went through in order to satiate my desire for a cheeseburger.

There’s an outfit in New Haven, Conn. not too far from me called Louis’ Lunch. It’s one of the few outfits that claim to have been the originator of the hamburger. But I’ve never experienced their grilled beef between slices of white toast. I gather they don’t even allow ketchup (a must for me). No, when in New Haven I go straight for the pizza joints, usually Sally’s Apizza or Pepe’s. Nothing compares to a fresh and hot New Haven style pizza pie.


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