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Best Hamburger / Cheeseburger?

Hmmm, German food. How many burger place in the USA have that horrible yellow 'cheese' & why does it exsist?

You come to my place, you get rib fittet, as much heavily browned onion as you want, tomato, lettuce, any a tiny amount of ketchup or brown sauce on your burger, although I won't be eating that for awhile after half a million beef cows died due to the flood.

My fav actual burger was my Grandads, probably because it was cooked on a hotplate powered by beautiful smelling hardwood. Every time a smell a good fire, I go back 40+ years.

Pizza, I avoid, because of the carb content. No starch, no sugar & no salt, you live along time.

Eggnog I love, I like to Jersey up my milk too!


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