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Electronic Throttle System (ETS) S70 2000

Well, I've also joined the ETS club at about 60,000 miles on my S70, 2000, to the tune of $860 bucks! It happened at the most inopportune time. while cruising South on I-95, June 6th, car started to run like it had water in the gas. after about an hour or so of that, the ETS warning light comes on, so I check the owner's manual, and it says to turn off the car, and restart, and if the light comes back on, (you're in deep doo-doo) then head for a Volvo dealer. Well, it did come back on and about an hour later, the car goes into the "limp-home" mode of about 40 MPH. Fortunately we were able to "limp" into Wilmington, NC, and luckily, Parkway Volvo was only about one-half mile from the Comfort Inn, where we crashed for the evening. Parkway Volvo was able to get to my car the very next day, replaced the ETS module, and to date (23 Jun 05) the car runs like new. The customer service and technical skill of the service manager (Brent Wells) are suberb!!!
Fortunatley, I asked for the old ETS unit and have since learned that Don Wilson might to have it. I'm sending him an email ([email protected]) to see if he still wants them for testing). I'm also filing a complaint and will support a "class action lawsuit" any way possible. It's unbelievable that Volvo won't step up to the plate and take responsibility for this "defect"..... Defective unit has these markings: Marelli, 110541F2A, 00W080201; 9188793; 65CFM2; AH.0082030.K. Note: the box that the new one came is is marked: Volvo 8644347 "Made in Italy"


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New Electronic Throttle System (ETS) [S70][2000]
posted by  santi_robert  on Thu Jun 23 05:30 CST 2005 >

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