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Alternator for stranded XC90

2005 XC90 2.5T, 136k miles

I've read on VolvoForums and SwedeSpeed that the listed alternator through aftermarket retailers is incorrect. Of course, I saw this after ordering one from Rock Auto, thinking I could avoid stealer prices.

I have the 160A alternator (p/n 30658087) on the car now. The other forums claim Bosch p/n (AL0873X) which all the aftermarket retailers sell is incorrect and that the correct p/n is AL0832X, which of course is twice the price.

Rock Auto has the AL0832X listed for the 06 XC90 but does have it cheaper than other retailers and half the price of the stealer. FCP says AL0832X is for the 05. Difference between the two is $150.

A call to Advance Auto using VIN check came up with a completely different alternator than what is listed and quite a bit higher in price. This leads me to believe there is something to what the other forums are saying.

Anyone have any info on this to help me sort this out?

If you want to know what's wrong with it, right now the XC is parked about 600 miles away from me. On a road trip this week, alternator pulley has come away from the housing enough that the belt is now riding on the shaft between the pulley and housing. Determined it wasn't road worthy, couldn't get one over the counter, left it at a relative's house, and got a rental car to drive back home.

Not sure if the pulley is coming off the shaft or if the shaft is coming out of the alternator. I won't know until I pull it out, and I didn't have tools with me.

My dilemma is I need to drive back and return the rental car, so I want to have a new alternator in hand and drive the XC back.
94 944 na 319,000 and rolling; 05 XC90 2.5t AWD for the wife; 97 Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton 6.5 diesel daily driver; 92 745t beautiful condition (sold); 88 764t failed experiment (sold)


New Alternator for stranded XC90
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