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Highlights Position Sensor Level V70-XC70 2005

Hi all,

I have an XC70 AWD '05 without Four-C and I need to replace the sensor level (P/N 8622446).

The sensor was easy to remove, just one nut, however, I forgot to take a picture and I could not figure out where the bracket would go.


This was until few minutes ago when I realized that the bracket should be connected to the body of the suspension with a rivet.

In fact, the rivet in the bracket is broken and my question is how to access that hole with the broken rivet in it.
It is not possible to reach a workable position from under the car so the only possibility I can see is to remove the wheel, but I think I will need to remove the disc too.

I still cannot understand how it is possible that they did connect that bracket to the suspension using a rivet which with the time has been eaten by corrosion.

Anyhow, that point is very difficult to reach, assuming I can manage to do it, should I go for a screw rather than a rivet?

As anybody ever had this issue?

Thank you,


New Highlights Position Sensor Level [V70-XC70][2005]
posted by  Metallo  on Thu Jun 13 20:11 CST 2019 >

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