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Low engine oil pressure indicator lamp S70

S70 2000 N/A B5244S engine, 180K on the clock.

The car has been in storage for 6 months because of a surgery but started right away when I decided to re-used it. I used a float charger the maintain the battery fully charged. The car ran fine like usual but after approximately 10 miles, the low engine oil pressure indicator lamp started to flash intermittently but more and more often to finally remain on all the time regardless the speed and/or RPM. I stopped to check the oil level but it was right at full mark. I continued driving thinking that it was the oil pressure
sensor that was probably "more sensitive" because of all those months of inactivity and I didn't worry. It's when I got back home that I've noticed that the engine was making a strange noise never heard before, a loud ticking kind of noise meaning that the valve train is probably missing serious lubrication. Checked the oil level again and it was still a top mark. Started the car the next day and everything was fine, no low pressure indicator lamp and no noise but after only 2-3 miles of driving, the same problems reappeared again with a bonus of the check engine light that came on. Checked the code and it was P1672. After searching, found that this code is for a system called Continuously Variable Valve Timing which uses oil pressure to change cam timing based on engine load and the low oil pressure is probably caused by the seals in the oil pan that can be bad. The same problems reappeared again when I used the car this morning that I've decided not to use it anymore. There's definitely something defective with the oil pump system. Probably all those months of inactivity had dried up the seals.

Question: what should I do with this problem?

Thanks a lot guys and sorry for this long post


New Low engine oil pressure indicator lamp [S70]
posted by  BOOGIE850  on Sun Jun 2 10:58 CST 2019 >

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