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No or Slow Crank with Hot Engine V70-XC70 2000

I've had some poor cranking problems on my V70. I have had the starter/solenoid replaced and also the P-N-P switch.

Now it starts perfectly every time when cold and runs great cold or warm.

Only issue is once hot, it sometimes won't crank at all or if I let it cool a little bit it will crack really slowly and eventually start.

I know the battery is not the issue because it starts cold every morning with no issue and is only two years old. I could take it to an indy to load test the battery just to rule it out for sure.

Wondering what else could be the issue? Sounds electrical related.


New No or Slow Crank with Hot Engine [V70-XC70][2000]
posted by  e21Pilot  on Thu Apr 11 21:48 CST 2019 >

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