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2001 XC70 PCV issue V70-XC70

Hello Klaus, thanks for your reply.

Too late, I already removed the crankcase - just wanted peace of mind, and the two PCV passages are now clear for sure and I can get to clean everything properly.

Concerning where the oil is leaking from, I am not sure. As I am taking everything apart to do the PCV job (as well as timing belt, water pumps etc) I see oil everywhere - the whole engine compartment is soaked. Even on top of the engine where the coil packs are there is a fair amount of oil. I removed all of them and even a few of the spark plug wells were full of oil. I have removed the coils and the plugs and cleaned everything up as well as possible. I believe all this oil came from a leaking oil filler cap.The previous owner had drilled a hole in the cap and put a hose into it that he then had run to the air pipe. I will of course replace the cap and see if that helps when I get it started again.

Any suggestions and input is welcome




New 2001 XC70 PCV issue [V70-XC70]
posted by  Henrikb13  on Sat Mar 2 12:43 CST 2019 >

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