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Think I killed it S40-V40 2005

Monday was a much colder than normal day in my neck of the woods. Started at 10 degrees F and really didn't go up from there.

Car, 2005 S40 T5 AWD, started and drove normally about 20 miles until it "lost heat in the cabin", then "started losing power" then a short time later it was pulled to the side of the road and turned off (quotes from my poor wife, the driver at the time). While at the side of the road the message center told her that the battery voltage was low. Also, steam or smoke was visibly escaping from the hood area. Driver reports that the temperature gauge never budged from a normal reading nor did the message center warn of such a condition.

Upon inspection many cold hours later I found the following:
1. Battery is six years old but will still turn over the engine, but the noise while cranking is not normal and car won't start.
2. Oil sprayed all around the oil filter/PCV housing (perhaps due to my recent 1st time oil change a couple weeks back? - oil level 2/3 stick, appears normal)
3. No coolant in reservoir
4. Coolant spray all over the drivers side engine and underbody
5. Lower radiator hose "slushy"
6. The leak in the coolant system is at the "T" located on the drivers side engine bay, on top of the transmission. Plastic part sheared off. This is just downstream of the thermostat housing and temperature sensor.

So I surmise that the "T" broke, coolant drained out leaving the sensor dry and unable to provide warning. The rest, as they say, is history. Other possibilities?

Where to now? Working on the assumption that it overheated, how do I determine the extent of the damage? Safe to assume head gasket, how about turbo?

Thanks as always.


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