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"Engine System Service Required'? V70-XC70 2005

My wife was driving our 2005 xc70 when the warning light (exclamation point) came on and the message, "Engine System Service Required" came on, as did the check engine light. She drove it home (about 3 miles) and I started it when I got home. The light turns off when I check the message, but the check engine light remains on. The car seems to be running just fine.

This car is relatively new to us; we got it in May and have driven it about 4000 miles, so I am not really aware of its quirks and so on. I have two '98 V70 wagons, and the check engine light is always on on those. Our mechanic says it's fine, and the state even recognizes that Volvos have a habit of doing that, and I have not been required to fix it for annual inspections.

Can I drive the car, or am I in danger of hurting it? Is this a serious issue, or does the message mean something specific?



New &quot;Engine System Service Required'? [V70-XC70][2005]
posted by  kcookvt  on Sat Dec 8 20:23 CST 2018 >

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