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XC90 spare tire chain hoist won't crank down XC90 2014

Hi my XC90/2014 is having issues with the spare tire crack where I cannot attach the spare back to the bottom of the car because the pulley is stuck.

Last time I had a flat, I was able to drop the spare tire fair easily and fitted it for the tire repair; however, when I tried to get the spare tire crank back to the bottom of the vehicle, the hoist can no longer lower itself enough so that the spare tire can be attached back to its original position.

I saw there was a Volvo bulletin on having a winch inserted into the crank hoist, and I check to see that it was already installed in place before I bought the car (bought it used), so that's not the issue.

Right now I can lower the chain couple inches, but not far enough to lift that spare back into place, and I can pull that chain almost all the way back up. So the chain is stuck somewhere in the pulley and I can't get it down. I had to store my spare tire on my trunk, it's not clean and it's annoying. I had sprayed plenty of WD40 and rubbed petro jelly on them, I even tried to pull it out from the bottom or use a wrench to twist the top screw to force it rotate, none seem to work.

Does anyone has experience getting that chain out? Or any advices?


New XC90 spare tire chain hoist won't crank down [XC90][2014]
posted by  jjmash1  on Tue Oct 16 17:24 CST 2018 >

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