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00 V70xc ETS light and P0422 code V70-XC70 2000

I just bought a 2000 V70 XC with 104K. Test drove it hard, drove great. One day later the ETS light comes on, several days later it goes off. Then my Check Engine light came on, then went off. Now both lights are on. I ran a tank of regular gas through it, but now I am using premium92.

Autozone checked the codes and pulled P0422, catalyst efficiency low bank 1.
Car drives great, no hesitation, no stalling, full power.

Question is could I have tripped this P0422 code by using regular 85 octane gas for about 200 miles? I would venture to say that my cat is not defective. I will check for the vacuum leaks as suggested.

Second question I am not sure why the ETS light came on and would it be triggered by the P0422 code?

From reading former threads it sounds like if the ETS light goes on I better run for the dealer and pay the 1000 bucks it costs for the repair. It also sounds like if I need a new cat that it will cost another 1000 to 1400 bucks. I need a timing belt change too!!

I don't think I want this car anymore, and I have owned it for 2 weeks.

Does anyone know if those ETS modules are under warranty now?



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New 00 V70xc ETS light and P0422 code [V70-XC70][2000]
posted by  Yampo  on Sun Aug 17 11:56 CST 2008 >

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